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How To Make Net Curtains Work In a Modern Interior by Tash South

I have to admit, I’d never really considered using curtains in a modern kitchen or dining space before. I’ve always preferred to keep large windows and glass doors free of window treatments to let the light in rather than have fussy swathes of fabric in the way. But recently I’ve been asked by quite a few people about ideas on filtering bright light in modern glass-filled kitchen-diners and in trying to suggest something softer and slightly different to the usual blinds, I wondered whether net curtains might be the answer.

Sheer voiles filter sunlight in a modern interior

Now I’m not talking about granny’s lace net curtains here

But rather the sheer floaty variety that adds softness to a room. On my recent visit to Copenhagen I noticed these net panels displayed in modern spaces everywhere, from interior stores, like House of Hay, to hotels and restaurants. You know if the Scandinavians are doing it then it must be stylish. Right?

Dreamy white curtains at Hay House in Copenhagen

So I decided to test the look in real life by way of a little collab with, they supplied the curtains in question, and I styled and photographed – and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. When I put the curtains up there was a slight breeze and the movement of the fabric gave the room quite a relaxed, dreamy look, that felt quite Mediterranean to me and the voiles beautifully filtered the light without making the room feel too gloomy.

Pretend you're on holiday when it's breezy!

Pretend you're on holiday when it's breezy!

Sheer curtains bring some softness and tactility to a modern interior

The curtains allow you to adjust the light in the room on bright days.

Done properly, sheer curtains can be a stylish statement in a modern space.

Floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall is best – and do make sure they touch, or pool slightly on the floor so it doesn’t look like you've accidentally run out of fabric!

Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall is best on large expanses of glass

Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall is best on large expanses of glass

I think it’s important that the curtains can be opened as fully as possible so that on the days that you do want full sun, they are not obstructing the light.



Go big or go home.
Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall has the best effect.

Make sure the the curtains touch, or pool slightly on the floor.
Curtains that are too short never look stylish!

Choose rails that allow you to open the curtains as fully as possible so that you can pull the curtains to one or both sides when you want them out of the way.

Select a curtain and rail option that makes it easy to hang or remove curtains if you'd
prefer a seasonal change.
You may want the filtered light in the summer but not the winter, for example.

Choose a matte fabric that gathers and hangs well for a more modern look.




With thanks to who make-made-to-measure, ready-made and blinds in a wide array of fabrics.

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