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My Edit of Maison&Objet Paris 2016 by Tash South

At the beginning of September I was invited to attend the Maison&Objet trade show in Paris, one of my favourite cities. Maison&Objet is a major lifestyle event for professionals working in all fields of interiors where exhibitors offer a huge range of decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, children’s interiors, tableware and more. It’s an amazing platform, and a great place to source unique products and up-and-coming trends.

It was my first visit to Maison&Objet, and it is HUGE. I was totally blown away by the size of the show, eight halls in total. I even saw some people on scooters – motorised scooters!

Panoramic of Parc des Expositions, Paris where Maison&Objet is held.

The focus of the show this year was ‘House of Games’, Maison&Objet choose a theme each year to inspire and surprise guests. The House of Games stand was designed in a playful, off-beat, yet refined aesthetic. The lighting was kept low, but the pieces were playful, bright and cheerful.

Inside The House of Games. Image: M&O website.

Inside The House of Games. Image: M&O website.

This year, the M&O PARIS designer of the year, September 2016 was Ilse Crawford, her work is a testament to her ability to reconcile the experience of luxury with wellbeing. As designer of the year, Ilse was in charge of designing the Designers’ Studio, a work and networking space at M&O.

The Designers’ Studio by Iilse Crawford, a work and networking space at M&O.

M&O was an awesome experience and I had the opportunity to see some excellent examples of design from across Europe, and the rest of the world, so I’ve decided to put together this post to share my edit with you. Considering the size of the event, and the sheer volume of incredible design, editing my top finds was not an easy task! I’ve already written about the incredible Zaha Hadid Collection, but here are just some of my other favourites.


One. Team Lab

First up was the Forest of Resonating Lamps - One Stroke, an installation by team-lab.net.
A huge mirrored room housed hundreds of Murano glass lamps hanging from the ceiling. Sensors determined the position of viewers within the room, and when standing close to one of the lamps for a period of time, it would change colour and become the starting point for the other lamps around it to start changing colour too, a magical experience. I spent way too long wandering around in this room when there was so much else to see!

Forest of Resonating Lamps

Forest of Resonating Lamps - changing colours

Two. ibride

The French company, ibride, immediately grabbed my attention, the pieces were interesting and unique - the brand bases it’s collection on surrealism. I loved how playful, quirky and unusual the pieces were. This year ibride released its’ first series of outdoor furniture – inspired by ethereal lines and aquatic curves.

Some pieces from the ibride range

ibride outdoor chair.

Three. Corita Rose

Next up was Corita Rose a textile design company with the most stunning and vivid designs printed onto velvet, linen and silk. Based in Dorset, the company was founded by artist and designer Caroline Ritchie and her husband Joshua. Caroline’s inspiration comes from different cultures and eras, from tribal and folk art, to heraldry and medieval designs. I was lucky to speak with Caroline at the show, and she told me about how, when she couldn’t find anything like she now produces in the shops, she just went out and made it herself – an amazingly talented lady!

Vibrant Corita Rose cushions.

Corita Rose textile design.

4. Nook London

Nook London is based in East London and was founded by Hattie Hollins in 2011. They offer vintage factory style lighting - Nostalgia Lights and Nostalgia Lights Reserve. Nook has recently expanded from lighting into more generalised homeware. The brand stands strong as a formidable pioneer of the vintage industrial style that I love to use when styling urban or loft living spaces.

Nook London - great turquoise colour on the flex!

Nook London: a unique take on a bedside lamp.

Five. Frederik Roijé

Clean, classy and innovative, Frederik Roijé’s collection of furniture, lighting and accessories ticked many of my boxes, especially as the inspiration for some of the pieces are city skylines.
I adored the simplicity of their pieces, and their attention to detail. The Storylines shelf and the Seatshell chair were particular favourites.

Frederik Roijé’s Storylines Bookshelf.

Frederik Roijé’s Seatshell chair.

Six. Woud

Based in Denmark, Woud work with a mix of young upcoming talents, as well as experienced designers to produce a stunning collection of products. Their range of beautiful pieces adds a touch of innovation to the simplicity anchored in their Nordic design heritage.

Stone Pendant, Split Dining Table and Pause Dining Chair by Woud.

Input Shelf by Woud.

Seven. Drugeot Labo

Drugeot Labo (France) create stunningly unique pieces from solid oak with 100% French origin. Their pieces are expertly made with the greatest care, and I could tell form speaking to them at the show, that they are so proud of the heritage and craftsmanship of their pieces. I loved their simple, but very clever designs.

Drugeot Labo Compass Desk Leans against the wall, and is ideal for small city spaces.

The Créneau side table can be used as a side table or as a bedside table.

Eight. Rina Menardi

Rina Menardi’s tactile ceramics stood out to me because of their organic shapes and beautiful colours. Based in Italy, Rina's work is always characterised by simple lines and inspired by nature.

Rina Menardi Ceramics

Nine. Les Gambettes

French company Les Gambettes introduced a fun collection of 50’s inspired retro designed furniture with bright colours and eye-catching prints: chairs, tables, desk and design accessories mixing metal, wood and of course, the most popular surface from the 50’s, Formica.

Les Gambettes' fun take on 50s Retro. Love the geometric wallpaper in this image.

Les Gambettes' Chaise Susie

Les Gambettes' Chaise Susie

Ten. Avenida Home

Avenida Home was founded by Isabel Saiz in Bath, England - they create highly individual pieces and are dedicated to supporting traditional craftsmanship throughout Europe. The collection is eclectic and surprising and I fell in love with their Jungle Collection wallpaper, which is based on a painting by the fabulous artist, Nathalie Lété.

The Avenida Home Jungle range.

Eleven. Elements Optimal

Element Optimal’s philosophy is creating great designs in line with the strong traditions of Danish craftsmanship, whilst promoting talented individuals from around the world. Each creation is made with outmost integrity and are original, simple, functional and timeless. Their adorable range for children was on display at the show.

Elements Optimal Elephant chair and table and balloon mirror.

Elements Optimal Bambi chair

Twelve. Nobodinoz

Barcelona based kid's brand, Nobodinoz offers a fun range of furniture, décor, toys and teepees. The colour palette sets the pace and allows for a wide range of playful combinations for a smart, modern kids’ spaces.

Nobodinoz bed in horizon thalassa blue.

Nobodinoz Teepees in Arizona black scales, Arizona zig zag and Arizona black honey sparks

M&O takes place in Paris in January and September and I really hope to return in 2017, but until then I look forward to using my finds in upcoming projects - including my own house when it's built!


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Spanish Style: Mad about Malaga by Tash South

As the nights draw in and the mercury slowly falls, it's sadly time to admit that the Summer of 2016 is on its' way out. To say goodbye, I've put together this bumper blog, crammed full of sunny images, to bid farewell to balmy Summer days... until next year.

This Summer of 2016 we decided to do something new - hire a huge villa in Malaga for my husband's entire extended family - 14 in total!

Holidaying in a group definitely has its' advantages - as a large group, we were able to secure an absolutely amazing eight bedroom Spanish villa, which was so gorgeous and photogenic that it inspired me to write this post.

The handsome Hacienda Clavero

A brief history of Malaga

Malaga Central

Malaga Marina

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world with close to three thousand years of history. Over the centuries, the port was used to export oil, raisins, wine and salted fish and meat. It is the sixth largest city in Spain, and enjoys the warmest winters in Europe, with average temperatures of around 17C from December to February.

Various natural disasters including earthquakes, plagues and failed harvests hit Malaga in the early 20C and political instability in this period culminated with the Spanish civil war. Malaga suffered terribly during the Civil War, eventually falling to pro-Franco forces on February 8, 1937.

The 1950s were the beginnings of new era for Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Tourism was just beginning to take hold and proving to be an invaluable injection into the local economy.

Wandering around Malaga today is like walking around an open air museum with Phoenician, Roman, Moorish and Christian influences. This rich artistic heritage has placed Malaga firmly on the map as a cultural tourist destination.

Hacienda Clavero

The villa we stayed at was called Hacienda Clavero, which has been owned by the same family for many decades. It's location is up in the hills, about a 15 minute walk from the beach.

The front of Hacienda Clavero

The entrance way with decorative stonework and gates.

The grand gates leading to the entrance.

The grand gates leading to the entrance.

The entrance hallway with traditional tiling and lanterns.

The villa is built in a grand Spanish style and I could tell that much care and pride has been taken in it's upkeep over the years.

Wrought iron detailing on the balconies, windows and gates.

One of the stunning views from Hacienda Clavero

Spanish building style is based on Moorish and Mediterranean architecture and these evocative homes are sometimes called 'Spanish Eclectic' houses in honor of their diverse influences.

The sight-line as you enter the villa draws the eye all the way through the arches to the central courtyard and beyond - to the swimming pool and outdoor kitchen at the rear.

Dark wood banisters and cool marble stairs alongside traditional art and lighting.

A hallway styled in white and dark wood overlooks the central courtyard.

The layouts of Spanish homes are all about making family, friends, and entertaining, comfortable and relaxed. Homes are often arranged around a central courtyard, where shaded galleries block the sun and provide an outdoor living space or kitchen for al fresco dining. More elaborate homes feature towers or turrets, romantic balconies, columns, and wrought iron details. The thick masonry walls coated in stucco and red tile roofs are designed to keep the interior cool.

The central courtyard of Hacienda Clavero

Classic Spanish shutters in red.

The Hacienda is designed so that all the arches line up in perfect symmetry.

Traditional shutters keep the interior cool.

The spiral stairwell leading to the cellar.

Beautiful furniture in the outdoor living area.

A traditional stove in the outdoor kitchen.

Tapas bowls grouped together create a simple display.

Pretty blue details on the sangria jug and bowl.

A beautiful bowl in a traditional pattern.

Traditional Spanish Tiles

How could I write anything on Spain without mentioning the tiles! Even throughout just this one house, many, many great examples could be seen, each room had a different tiled floor, varying in design, colour and finish. Spain has long been an exporter of fabulous tiles and again, the Moorish influences can clearly be seen.

The tiles on the entrance gate pillars tell a story about bull fighting.

The lobby has this striking rectangular design in blue and browns.

An arrow layout dominates the dining room floor.

Even the laundry room isn't left out with these retro-feel tiles!

An abstract layout adorns the floor of the hallway that overlooks the central courtyard.

Maximum drama in one of the en-suite bathrooms with these floor-to-ceiling crimson 3D effect tiles.

Love the tiny blue pops amongst the greys and white.

Outdoor tiling with a more traditional feel.


Although I always find it sad to see the Summer go, it is nice to look forward to the colours of Autumn and preparing a cozy interior for the colder months - which I'll be writing about more in my next post.


All photos my own.
Hacienda Clavero is available on Air BnB.


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