Xmas 2016

How To Be A Wrap Star: Brown Paper Wrapping Three Ways by Tash South

I've been wrapping my Christmas presents in only brown paper for about four years now, I love how simple it is, and how you have endless possibilities to dress it up or down – it's like the perfect little black dress. And it's not only about having stylish looking gifts, brown paper is recyclable, unlike so many available wrapping papers, so it's much better for the environment too.

So, here I am in my best jumper modelling my brown-paper-styled gifts:

One. Strings Attached

Super simple – take a brown paper wrapped gift, and wind some red and white string around it, however you want. I got mine from Labour & Wait.

Two. Glam It Up

Cut an old piece of sponge in any shape you like, dip it in gold paint and use it to stamp the shapes all over the paper. I wrap the present first, then stamp it, I find it so much easier than trying to stamp sheets of brown paper cut from the roll - it curls up and moves around and is incredibly annoying! Then finish off with a wide piece of black velvet. Lush!

Brown paper wrapping glam

Three. Keeping It Green

Using natural string, wrap it around the gift few times, then place a twig of eucalyptus or pine on top (you could just chop bits off of your tree!) and wrap the string around a few more times, knot and cut.

Brown paper wrapping keeping it green

Happy Wrapping & Merry Christmas!