The Window Film Company X Charlene Mullen / by Tash South

After my interview last year on the collaboration launch between The Window Film Company and Lindsey Lang for Clerkenwell Design week, I was delighted to be asked back this year to see their new collection in collaboration with designer, Charlene Mullen. Also at the event was uber-blogger Kate Watson Smyth, from Mad About The House, signing copies of her brand new book. Kate has used Charlene’s London skyline window film design in her insta-famous home.

The Window Film Company and Charlene Mullen launch event at Clerkenwell Design Week

The Window Film Company and Charlene Mullen launch event at Clerkenwell Design Week

Kate Watson-Smyth's new book, Mad About The House.

The Window Film Company offer solutions for a wide range of window and glass related dilemmas, from heat reduction to privacy films. As consumers, we are becoming more and more design conscious and The Window Film Company have cleverly addressed this by teaming up with different designers to keep producing a wide collection of film designs to choose from, and Charlene Mullen's quirky illustrations are a brilliant addition.

A zig zag design from the Window Film Company's wide range

Chatting to Charlene at the event, I discovered that her illustrations and embroidery always have a story behind them, and I loved hearing about how every little character is not just there by chance, it has a part to play in the story she has woven into every piece of work. With my background in graphic design, I’m always interested in different forms of illustration, and I really admire Charlene’s use of simple shapes and minimal colour in her work.

London Skyline window film by Charlene Mullen

From her training in both illustration, print and an established career in the fashion industry, Charlene has successfully turned her talents to designing luxury homewares. All her designs are hand-drawn at the start of the design process and then converted to digital media afterwards.

Charlene’s beautiful Shoreditch shop is where you can usually find her work, it’s an engaging place for customers and clients to wander in and to see the team at work. Her quirky illustrations are used on cushions, blinds, cards and prints, and they work beautifully as eye-catching and unusual window film designs too.

Charlene's Shoreditch Shop

Charlene Mullen's Forest of Trees Design


This post is a paid collaboration with The Window Film Company.

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