Banish Boring Brassware With The Watermark Collection / by Tash South

“When the house is finished” has become the most used sentence by our family over the past couple of months, and it’s still a way off, but finally I’m having the chance to think about exciting finishing details like flooring, kitchens and brassware. And when it comes to brassware, I'm finding it pretty difficult to find something different to the usual chrome collections out there.

The Watermark Collection's 'Brooklyn' in copper

I’ve set myself the challenge of using minimal chrome in the house, as I think brass or pewter brassware add much needed warmth to a modern interior. It was while searching for alternatives to chrome that I came across The Watermark Collection’s edgy and bold bathroom and kitchen selections.

And I have to admit, I’ve been more-or-less stalking their Instagram account since! So when I was invited to their showroom to experience their brassware in person, I jumped at the chance.

The Watermark Collection's London showroom

At the showroom, I was lucky to meet founder Benjamin who set the company up in 2014 after many years of product testing and research. His enthusiasm for sharing the making process of his collection is contagious - it was so interesting to hear about the brand's history and the intricate processes used to create their products.

Benjamin Peak, founder of The Watermark Collection

The 'Brooklyn' looking stunning in a modern interior

The Story

I do love a good brand story and The Watermark Collection certainly has one – it started in Europe where over time, the increase of machine made products took over from traditional brass craftsmanship, slowly the skills held by original craftspeople were lost through immigration to the United States, where those skills still exist today. And this is now why each Watermark piece is precisely machined from solid lead-free brass, hand finished and assembled to order in Brooklyn, where the Watermark brand was born in 1976.

Many of the original craftsmen still work in the factory to this day, combining traditional metal finishing with precision engineering.

The brassware is meticulously formed, polished and plated to achieve the luxurious finishes.

Beautiful detailing on the 'London' range

Architectural Inspiration

The Watermark’s industrial ranges take inspiration from New York’s architecture, for example, the ‘Brooklyn’ range echoes the shapes of the gate valves in mid-century apartment blocks and the ‘Elan Vital’ range references the stripped-down aesthetic of a commercial ball valve; whilst the modern ranges, like the stone-handled ‘Zen’ and the clean-lined ‘Edge’ ranges are very sleek.

The 'Brooklyn' Collection takes inspiration from New York's mid-century apartment blocks

The 'Elan Vital' Collection

Oodles of Options

Because Benjamin started off as a kitchen and bathroom designer, much thought has gone into the design and product options of the collections, where customers and designers can create their own completely individual set-ups from the eight bold ranges in fifteen different finishes, from copper and gold to vintage brass and pewter.  

A great way to modernize the bathroom - match your grouting with a shower in 'Gun Metal'

To add even more choice, the modular ‘Elements’ range was created, made up of a base, an insert (choose from the fifteen finishes including brass and gunmetal), and a cover (you can choose from 14 finishes including concrete, wood or marble). The range is totally customizable and you can have a go at creating your own combo on The Watermark’s brilliant Configurator software here. It will even create a final image of your creation to download. My favourite has to be the antique brass base with the Oil Slick cover.

Thecustomizeable 'Elements' Collection: The result of my selection of 'Aged Brass' and 'Oil Slick'

If you have a big renovation coming up, do go and check out The Watermark Collection for some exciting alternatives to chrome brassware. Their well-made taps, showers and accessories will add a luxurious feel and last for many years to come.


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