THE MODERN MAKERS SERIES: Meeting Ceramicist Louise Madzia / by Tash South

London Craft Week kicks off this week and ever since starting this blog, I've wanted to dedicate a series to all the talented makers out there. So I thought it the perfect time to launch this Modern Makers Series, throughout the year I will be visiting and interviewing makers who are constantly putting in the time and effort to create something unique.

Craftspeople deserve recognition and our support to help preserve the exceptional skills and techniques they hold. I'm always on the lookout for makers that create pieces that work in a modern interior, and Louise Madzia's work certainly fits the brief. Her modern ceramics are unique and recognizable. Every batch takes up to two weeks to complete – each piece is hand-made, individually painted and then glazed.

Louise at her Buckinghamshire studio

Louise's pieces are becoming very popular and are now stocked at the iconic Liberty of London.

I visited the very talented Louise at her Buckinghamshire studio to find out more about her interesting style and future plans for her business.

Louise Madzia'a Buckinghamshire Studio

What is your background and how did you first get into drawing and ceramics?
I studied Illustration at Kingston and before I graduated in 2012 I went to ceramics evening classes locally. I really loved the process and by the time I finished my degree I was focusing on ceramics and painting my designs onto vessels and plates.

Louise Madzia's Original Designs

How would you explain your design approach? How did you develop your style and where do you draw your inspiration from?
My approach is preoccupied with composition and making sure a drawing is balanced but I also want to have fun with my work. My style comes from working onto clay and adapting the shape of a body to a vessel, I think that has influenced the way I draw. A lot of things inspire me like music and films or a person I've observed, it's all tiny influences that come into it.

Louise's Inspiration Wall

When and why did you launch your brand?
I went full-time about two years ago. I'd worked in retail for years and was so ready to leave, I needed to dedicate all my time to this to see if it could work.

Tell us more about your product range.
At the moment, everything is made by hand from start to finish, each pot is slab-built, painted and glazed by me. They are simple but playful vessels to decorate your home and for all your house plants.

In progress: The design on each piece is hand-painted before glazing.

Which is your favourite piece?
Right now, it's the man with all the eyes.

The man with all the eyes

How would you describe your own interior style?
I love mid-century modern interiors and am really drawn to Danish and Japanese design. I've started to collect ceramics by artists that I love recently, like Reiko Kaneko, Saskia Pomeroy and Peter Shire.

To date, what has been the highlight since launching your brand?
Being stocked in Liberty and working on illustrations for their windows has been such an honour.

Where do you plan on taking the brand in the next few years?
I'm hoping to move to a bigger studio later this year and then will be relaunching the web shop. After that, we will see!


Louise is definitely one to watch and I wish her the best of luck with her business.

If you love her work, pieces are stocked in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.


Photos 6 and 8 by Louise Madzia, all others by