Innovative, Thoughtful And Flat-Packed. Affordable Danish Lighting By Vita Copenhagen. / by Tash South

This month I visited Copenhagen for the first time - I don't even know how I hadn't been there before! It's a designer's dream and it really should have been on the very top of my travel list.

While I was there, I was invited to see Vita Copenhagen's showroom in the heart of the city to meet Andra, their Communications Manager, and I was really impressed by their design approach, ethos and enthusiasm.

Vita's beautiful showroom in the heart of Copenhagen.

You'll probably best know the company for their Insta-famous feather Eos pendant light, but there is so much more to the brand.

Vita's's Insta-famous Eos light in light brown

It all starts with a box

Andra tells me that all of Vita Copenhagen's designs start with the flat-pack concept in mind - if it can't be flat-packed into their lovely packaging, it won't be produced, this is their core philosophy.
I can imagine that this must be a great challenge for their designers and pushes their creativity to the limit.

Vita Copenhagen flat-packs for a good reason, if all of the lamps are packed in compact gift boxes, this saves on worldwide logistics and storage costs and reducing the environmental footprint. The company then passes some of these savings on making exclusive Danish design more affordable for their customers.

I was keen to see how well the flat-pack concept worked for lighting, so I filmed a quick video of the packaging and assembly:

Have a look inside...


The Collections

As we start to talk about the collections, Andra becomes more and more animated – I can tell there is genuine excitement about the company's design philosophy.

Vita's designers draw inspiration from nature's colours, shapes, textures, shadows and patterns. For example, the Silvia and Conia shades take inspiration from the pine cone, and the Carmina range is inspired by sand dunes.

The Vita Carmina is inspired by sand dunes. Seen here in misty grey.

The Acorn pendants can be grouped for a striking effect.

The famous feathered Eos pendant below is made from goose feathers from the food industry, which would otherwise end up as waste.

The Eos in Light Grey

The Alva has a beautiful twist and works well in pairs or a cluster.

"We are powered by the urban nature surrounding Copenhagen – a place where the calmness of a bright summer day is replaced by the raging beat of the seas in the fall. Our designs draw their inspiration from the endless Nordic seashores with their sandy beaches and moody waters, from the serene forests with their majestic trees, from seashells, waves, flowers or plants, and from every changing season."

Vita's Clava is also available in brass, copper and white

Vita's Silvia is also quite well known! This is stunning brushed brass, but it also comes in brushed steel, copper and white.

I love how all the designs are so considered and work effortlessly in modern interiors, and of course a huge plus is the price tag!

You can check out the complete range and find Vita Copenhagen lighting stockists via the Shop Locator on their website