DIY Gifting: Gold Graphic Tableware / by Tash South

I love giving homemade gifts, but I don't like them to be so very obviously homemade. They can be a bit hit or miss sometimes and can often turn out a bit naff, so I'm always experimenting to try and achieve a modern look.

First up – Inspired by all the really cool gold accented items available at the moment – I have this really easy Four-Step guide to making DIY Gold Graphic tableware. These were definitely the quickest to make out of all the DIY gifts I've experimented with over the years, but still look very impressive!

Inspiration gold! These fab examples are from Gramercy & Co (left) and Amara (Right)

Here goes!

Step One.

Gather your materials, you'll need some paper and making tape and gold spray paint, I use Kobra paints, I find they have really good coverage, and of course the items you're decorating.

Gather your materials.

Step Two.

Tape your shapes. I created a really simple triangular graphic, leaving the area to be spray painted open, and completely covering the rest - spray paint gets everywhere, so make sure you cover every part that you want to keep paint-free.
Experiment with different designs, there is a lot you can do with straight lines! You could try the entire bottom or top half painted gold, or even a wide stripe running down the length of the item.

Tape your shapes.

Step Three.

Spray it! This literally takes seconds, spray on in a fine mist and try to not hold the can too close to the item, this will help you get those clean edges. Leave to dry. Don't forget your gloves and mask and always spray paint outdoors.
(A good tip for not getting spray paint everywhere, is to put the items in a large cardboard box which acts as a makeshift paint booth.)

Step Four.

Remove the tape carefully.

... and you're done!

I've styled my handy-work with these adorable little reindeer I found at Lakeland.

I tried this on mugs and a jug, and although they look great, I would probably prefer to create this effect on items that wouldn't need constant washing up - like a plant or cactus pot perhaps. Although the spray paint is quite hard-wearing, I think it would lose its shine after a while.
In my experimentation, I also discovered that some of the edges didn't come out quite as clean as I would have liked. I would suggest these tips to get a cleaner edge:
1. You have to really press the masking tape down firmly, especially the edges. I used masking tape, but I think something like Frog Tape would be even better for a cleaner edge.
2. Spray the paint on in a light mist – don't spray on loads at a time so that it bleeds under the tape edge. Spray on a couple of layers if you need to, and let the paint dry between layers.