At South Place Studio, we want to help you create your dream home.

We’ll guide you through the best ways to make the absolute most out of your home, so that every inch of space works for you, and others who occupy it.

We fill the gap between ‘I want to renovate my home’ and ‘Where do I even start’, with advice on space planning, design, interior design and great contacts in the industry. A consultation package at the very start of your project, will give you a clear idea of your end goal, and our sketches, mood-boards and trade contacts will help you along the way.

Renovation projects are usually stressful, so we aim to help ease the journey!

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About Tash South, the owner of South Place Studio

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Originally from sunny Cape Town, SA, I now live in London with my husband and our two daughters. I just love the diversity and liveliness that both cities have to offer.

Design has been my thing from the start, I studied Graphic Design and worked in the field for 16 years before my serial home moves and renovations awakened my love for property development and interior design.

As peers started to have families and move further out of the city, I’ve always strived to do the opposite and stay central. We’ve moved across north London many, many times over the years, but I didn’t mind that – I loved the opportunity to create a whole new space every time. Getting the layout and space planning right for the space became my obsession.

I’ve managed many major extension renovation projects, but my biggest property challenge to date has definitely been managing my own London self-build! You can read more about it on the blog.