One thing I bought this week: Charity shop table by Tash South

So this week I was on a mission to find a small table for the OTHER side of the sofa as we only have a table on one side at the moment which causes a silly amount of ‘who gets the table side of the sofa’ discussions!

I just happened to be walking past a local charity shop when I spotted this little number in the window. Boom.


My favourite kind of project, a quick sand and some finishing oil is all it needed, so I was straight in there with my £6. You’ve gotta work fast when you see something you like in a charity shop! And off I went, happily with my purchase. The dark stain doesn't put me off, it's genarally easily removed with some light sanding, and if sanding doesn't work, you could always paint it

Back at home I sanded it completely in just over an hour, first with rough sandpaper (P80), which quickly gets the dark stain or varnish off. Then with a lighter grade sandpaper like a P120, to smooth the wood back again. And yes, I always do my sanding with red nail varnish on – although, not a good idea as sometimes when my nails scrape against the wood, it leaves red lines, which I only then have to sand off too!

Once sanded, I applied three coats of Rustin’s Finishing oil with a soft cloth. And that’s pretty much it. A great new sofa side table and no more wine on the rug. Win Win!

Here are some pics of my new finished table