One thing I bought this week: M&S Copper Floor Lamp by Tash South

I'd been searching for the perfect floor lamp for a while. Something metallic with a classic shape. After a couple of months of research, I settled on this curved copper floor lamp from Marks and Spencer. I ordered it online and it had to be assembled a home, but that was pretty easy and I had it done in about 15 minutes.


The lamp is great, it's curved arm and round shade has a classic Arco lamp feel about it. The copper is lush and the heavy circular marble base is beautiful and veined in very light grey. For the price, it is quite impressive and substantial.

It's practical too, the curved arm can be lifted to a height of 179cm and swings round to wherever you may need it to be. There is also a stylish little lever that adjusts the round shade easily - I love little details like that - it makes a piece functional and beautiful.

Styling copper

Copper is quite a versatile metal, it goes with surprisingly many schemes, I love using natural materials, so copper fits in very well with my style. Here's how M&S styled their copper floor lamp: they've worked the botanical look, I think that green velvet sofa looks fab next to the copper.

I found a similar lamp at West Elm, here's how they styled theirs with grey and plenty of texture:

Cabinet Makeover by Tash South

How to take a tired piece from rustic to modern

So I’ve had this old cabinet for a long time, probably about 10 years.  I’ve been using it in the kitchen as a dresser and filled it with various kitchen paraphernalia. It was a bit unloved and I’ve had it for so long that I thought it was probably time to part ways, but then I thought… it was still useful, it just didn’t look that great anymore. I’d been looking at lovely very dark grey cabinets on Pinterest with a bright accent colour, could I possibly turn it into something good?



Cabinets I've been lusting over

Looking sad before it's makeover

Looking sad before it's makeover

I bought some Rust-oleum Chalk Finish Paints online, but when I opened Antharcite grey paint I chose I realised it was way too light for what I had in mind, but the Sage Green was good though.

Because I’m impatient, instead of ordering a darker grey paint online – and waiting for delivery, I decided to pop to my local DIY store and try some plain old emulsion in a very, very dark grey called ‘Barely Black’ as well as a clear matt varnish to go over the top to protect it.

I started by removing the doors of the cabinet, as well as the old hinges and handles, as I would be adding new hinges, I filled the holes left by the old ones. Doors and shelves removed and all cleaned up, I was ready to paint.

Both colours needed 2 to 3 coats, when dry, I then applied the matt varnish onto the dark grey only.

Cabinet ready for pinting.jpg

Once dry, I re-assembled the cabinet, when re-fitting the doors, I replaced the old-fashioned hinges with small hidden plain cupboard door hinges. I loved the copper accent paired with the dark paint on the Quin cabinet from Made shown below.


 So I sourced these copper door handles online from Clas Olson.


They were perfect and very easy to fit, I just slotted them into the holes where the original door handles had been.

As a final addition, I found these self adhesive LED push lights, which I stuck inside the cabinet, hidden at the top, to add some all important mood lighting for those dinner parties!


And tah dah - an old cabinet that looks brand new! The ultimate compliment is when friends come round and ask if it’s a new piece or where I bought it!

Here’s how I styled my new cabinet at home, I decided to use it in my dining area as a drinks & cocktail cabinet.