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Cabinet Makeover by Tash South

How to take a tired piece from rustic to modern

So I’ve had this old cabinet for a long time, probably about 10 years.  I’ve been using it in the kitchen as a dresser and filled it with various kitchen paraphernalia. It was a bit unloved and I’ve had it for so long that I thought it was probably time to part ways, but then I thought… it was still useful, it just didn’t look that great anymore. I’d been looking at lovely very dark grey cabinets on Pinterest with a bright accent colour, could I possibly turn it into something good?



Cabinets I've been lusting over

Looking sad before it's makeover

Looking sad before it's makeover

I bought some Rust-oleum Chalk Finish Paints online, but when I opened Antharcite grey paint I chose I realised it was way too light for what I had in mind, but the Sage Green was good though.

Because I’m impatient, instead of ordering a darker grey paint online – and waiting for delivery, I decided to pop to my local DIY store and try some plain old emulsion in a very, very dark grey called ‘Barely Black’ as well as a clear matt varnish to go over the top to protect it.

I started by removing the doors of the cabinet, as well as the old hinges and handles, as I would be adding new hinges, I filled the holes left by the old ones. Doors and shelves removed and all cleaned up, I was ready to paint.

Both colours needed 2 to 3 coats, when dry, I then applied the matt varnish onto the dark grey only.

Cabinet ready for pinting.jpg

Once dry, I re-assembled the cabinet, when re-fitting the doors, I replaced the old-fashioned hinges with small hidden plain cupboard door hinges. I loved the copper accent paired with the dark paint on the Quin cabinet from Made shown below.


 So I sourced these copper door handles online from Clas Olson.


They were perfect and very easy to fit, I just slotted them into the holes where the original door handles had been.

As a final addition, I found these self adhesive LED push lights, which I stuck inside the cabinet, hidden at the top, to add some all important mood lighting for those dinner parties!


And tah dah - an old cabinet that looks brand new! The ultimate compliment is when friends come round and ask if it’s a new piece or where I bought it!

Here’s how I styled my new cabinet at home, I decided to use it in my dining area as a drinks & cocktail cabinet.