Setting The Scene With Festive Lights by Tash South

Lighting is one of the top items to get right in an interior, if you plan it from the very start of a renovation you are on the right track. Perfecting the task or base lighting is essential, and from there, you can layer the rest for ambience and atmosphere by adding other light sources, like lamps or decorative lighting.

Celebrations and parties are a great excuse to go all-out with lighting. Adding creative, festive lighting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a space party-ready. As we await the warmer weather, and more time spent outdoors, I’ve teamed up with Festive Lights to bring you some indoor and outdoor lighting and celebration lighting ideas for your home.


Metallics continue to rule in 2018. If you’re unsure, a great way to introduce metallics into your home is to add small accessories and accents – like gold or copper trimmed fairy lights or a small collection of gold-edged terrariums grouped together.

Entertaining & Tablescapes

Here's a really quick and easy tip for setting an impressive table for a special meal or celebration – layer some simple greenery down the centre of your table, weave in some battery-operated fairy lights, add a few candles and don’t forget to dim the other lights in the room. It not only looks impressive, but also gives off a very flattering light, perfect for an intimate party.

Bring The Outdoors In

With summer on our doorstep, I’m hoping to spend many evenings entertaining outside in the garden, Festive Lighting stock a huge range of outdoor lighting, from festoon lights to solar lights to help create a magical atmosphere. And if the British weather doesn’t play along, you could always bring the outdoors into your home by combining greenery with fairy lights, lanterns and terrariums .

I particularly like these gold and smoked glass terrariums, which diffuse the light source inside for a soft effect.

Just add simple  festoon lighting  and some music for an instant party atmosphere.

Just add simple festoon lighting and some music for an instant party atmosphere.

Kid's Spaces

Elevate a child’s bedroom with the soft glow of a couple of quirky lamps. Kids also love whimsical fairy lights, and a clever nightlight is always a hit. I find that kids love the responsibility of choosing a few items for their own bedrooms, so let them add some personality to their spaces.

My favourite is the sculptural  Origami range .

My favourite is the sculptural Origami range.


This post is collaborative with imagery from Festive Lights.