Styling a modern festive table with Make Ruem by Tash South

Yep, It's that time of year again, when the fizz is freely flowing and the dinner guests seem never-ending!
Now I do love a dinner party, but being highly practical (and ok, I admit, quite clumsy) about my many house moves over the years - I've always opted for plain white dinnerware - the thought process being that when I inevitably smash some - they can be easily replaced.

But I'm having a change of heart, as dinnerware seems to be going through a revolution of sorts – and I want to join in. From organically shaped ceramics to metals – tableware choices are becoming more and more exciting. But instead of throwing out what I've got, I went in search of an update to my quite boring collection.
That's when I came across Make Ruem's new online store – with their modern and unusual pieces, I could overhaul my dinner table without having to replace everything I already owned.

So, here's how I plan to absolutely rock Christmas dinner this year - even if the food turns out disastrous, no-one will care – because the table will look awesome!

Let the festivities begin!

The Place Setting

I started with this metal gold edged bowl and plate set, now these would usually be used as display items, but here I've used them as a charger set to place my plain white tableware in – a great way to style up my boring white crockery.

A place setting with small, beautifully wrapped gift for each guest always adds wow.

The place setting starts with a great plate or bowl, and this metal set is quite unique - it's like melted gold has been dripped all the way around to create the beaded edge!

Setting The Scene

Setting up the Christmas tree near the dining table always adds great atmosphere - and a bonus is that the tree lights add very flattering lighting!

These metallic silver star cushions in dark grey on the chairs work really well with the silvery-grey tones of the metal of the plate and bowl set, and add some extra Christmassy cosiness.

And of course candles - you'd have to be insane to do Christmas without candles! Make Ruem have some delicious scents like Amber & Smoke and Fig & Olive, and all come in their super-cool Urban concrete pots. And when the candle's used up, you could even refill it yourself using my Scented Soy Wax Candles guide - so as to always have the gorgeous pot on display.

The metallic silver star cushion in dark grey adds cosiness.

The soy wax candles are poured into Urban concrete pots.

Finish Off With Some Gold - It Is Christmas after all!

I just love this decorative concrete gold geometric bowl, you can use it as a striking centrepiece with a candle, baubles, pine cones or foliage placed inside.

And for some extra wow, I've finished the look with some gold cutlery and grey linen napkins which were found at of my favourite local homeware stores, Of Special Interest in Crouch End.

Here's wishing you a festive (and very stylish) Christmas dinner!

The geometric concrete bowl with its gold leaf interior, adds some drama.

The gold cutlery and geometric bowl finish off the look.

Make Ruem is in the first phase of development where there is a small number of accessories for each room in the house. As awareness of the brand's modern and contemporary brand grows, so will the range of products.
The online store was founded by Ryan Hodson, a trained graphic designer, turned marketing manager. A family man, Ryan's vision is to create a business where everyone who works there can feel they made a difference everyday and be rewarded.
The aim is to bring a department store sized range but with the customer focus of a local boutique store. We'll be bringing modern and contemporary ranges made with great quality into everyone's home.