Pom Pom Ponderings by Tash South

Here's a bit of colour to brighten up this grey start to the week!

To pom pom or not to pom pom? That is the question.

There is an undeniable pom pom craze going on. Now, I do love a pom pom, but admittedly, I've always preferred to keep them out of the grown-up spaces and use them more in children's bedrooms or for decoration for a celebration, but the recent availability of some pretty awesome stuff is slowly changing my mind!

I remember making them as a child – winding the wool around two cardboard circles to make the fluffy balls. I do like how they ad a bit of magic and whimsy to a space.

There are some great pom pom festooned items, like garlands and cushions that you can buy for children's bedrooms.

Nursery with paper pom poms and pom pom garland. Image: Pinterest

And if you're celebrating, I've found these great garlands and hanging versions below for draping and hanging on... well anything really!

Pom pom garlands from Bohemia (Not On The High Street)

Available from The 3 Bears One Stop Gift Shop (Not On The High Street)

Lately I've seen pom poms used in an absolutely grown up way though, totally tempting me to let the pom poms loose in other rooms of the house as well. The sense of fun is still there, but these babies are definitely not made for the kid spaces!

Duvet Cover: Urban Outfitters

MYK, which was set up in 2010 by fashion designer Myra Klose, do pom poms in a totally grown up way. All Myra's objects are meticulously handcrafted in Germany, entirely by hand. Hundreds wool threads are used to make the pom poms, and up to 1300 pom poms are used to create a single object. Now that is pom pom dedication – amazing!

The Bommelcarpet by MYK

The Bommelpouf by MYK