New Concept Store: Skandium X String And The Skandium Townhouse / by Tash South

Thos week I was invited to the new Skandium store on Thurloe Place in London.
String, the ever-useful and adaptable sheving system, have partnered with Skandium to host the #stringshelfie for LDF 2017, where bloggers and stylists have taken over the shelves within the Skandium store to create beautifully curated displays.

If clean, modern Skandi is your thing, I highly recommend a visit, as well as the effortlessly stylish store, Skandium will also be opening a 'Townhouse' just across the street. I was lucky to be given a pre-opening tour and I love the concept, all four storeys will be furnished and styled in true, cool. Copenhagen style and there is even a garden that will be open for use.

I've put together the video tour below so that you can have a look inside.